Construction Continues at Livingston High School
    February/March 2009


    On January 19, 2009, construction on the interior of Livingston High School commenced.  Six classrooms are being renovated, and upon completion will become the new faculty workroom and dining areas and family and consumer science laboratory.  The auxiliary gymnasium and locker rooms have been demolished and will be converted into two state-of-the-art television studios to meet the needs of the growing number of students interested in the ins and outs of TV production.  The new studios will also boast control and editing rooms, computer labs and a faculty office.  The old main gym locker rooms, offices and strength training facilities will be renovated into male and female locker rooms, new faculty offices, a new training room, as well as additional team rooms.

    The auditorium is also being renovated and is fully expected to be ready for the Spring musical, The Music Man, which will run April 16th through April 18th.



    During the third marking period, the old main gym will continue to be used for physical education classes.  However, it will serve as a temporary cafeteria during the fourth marking period when construction on the current cafeteria is expected to commence. 


    Students and faculty are enjoying the new Centers for Research and Science, and Fitness and Wellness.  The construction and renovation of Livingston High School continues to run smoothly providing excitement for both students looking forward to utilizing their new facilities and community members who eagerly await the final product.
Last Modified on July 9, 2013