Spring and Summer 2007 Updates
    LHS Parking Update: August 2007
    The Livingston Township Council met on Monday, August 20 at 8:00 pm to discuss a new ordinance amending parking restrictions in the township. LHS parents and residents who live near the high school are encouraged to attend. 

    LHS Construction News:  August 16, 2007
    The Board awarded the bid for the new physical education building and additions and alterations at Livingston High School to Vanas Construction, Co., Inc. 
    Vanas has been the contractor for similar projects in the Chatham and Morris Knolls school districts. The company came in at $33,311,000, the lowest responsible bidder of the ten bids submitted. The bid is at a price that allows the district to include air conditioning for the rest of the high school, except for the old main gym, noted Board president Antonio Calcado.

    LHS Construction News:  May 21, 2007
    Turner Construction Update to the Board of Education
    • Rounded retaining wall will border the end of the new track and walking area
    • Block retaining wall creates an area for the new shotput and discus pads
    • A temporary retaining wall is necessary to hold back the dirt while the permanent concrete retaining wall is constructed.

    GROUNDBREAKING:  April 9, 2007

    LHS Groundbreaking

    Athletic Field Site Construction to Start Monday, April 2
    Construction on the athletic field site will begin Monday, April 2, announced business administrator Steve Robinson. 
    “We did make a request of the contractor to get a price on delaying the start of the construction to May 7,” Robinson said, in response to requests from the track and field community. However, the estimated cost for a 30-day delay was $669,000.”
    “We didn’t expect the construction to start this promptly, because there were so many barriers to overcome.  We were successful in delaying the construction from last week until next Monday at no additional cost.  I feel we are very fortunate to have a contractor who is so eager to move ahead.”
    This is the first step in a multi-pronged complex construction project, said Superintendent Dr. Brad Draeger.  “The movement of the field has to happen before we can begin construction on the academic buildings.  Allowing us to proceed in a timely manner benefits all students and staff in the high school.” 
    “We continue to communicate with students, coaches and others affected by the construction,” said Draeger.  “In fact, this morning about 100 high school students met on the track to speak with principal Pam Clause McGroarty.”
    Accommodations for all Livingston Public School spring sports are in place thanks to Livingston Township, Millburn High School and Newark Academy, said Draeger, adding that bus transportation to take students to practice will be provided by the Livingston Board of Education.
    "From the onset of our high school construction planning, a primary goal has been to ensure that the instructional spaces are completed as soon as possible to accommodate the increasing student enrollment,” said Bonnie Granatir, president of the Livingston Board of Education.  “Anyone who has lived through construction understands the potential for unseen delays.  We don"t have the luxury of extra time and a voluntary delay by the Board at this time would be imprudent. 
    “We remain committed to a high school project that is delivered on time and within budget.  This commitment was made to the community when we went out for referendum - and it remains the focus of the Board"s decision making process. . .Our goal is to have the science and physical education buildings up and running by September 2008 so we can teach.”
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