Construction Updates - Winter 2008
    February 11 Board meeting update
    New science wing
    The slab has poured for the new music/band room and steel erection is scheduled for the following week depending on crane availability and weather.  The crane is in the front of the building (see photo) for the science wing and all the steel is on site. The technology/auto shop area is on schedule.   "We are making good progress," said Dr. Brad Draeger.
    Exterior wall waterproofing and backfilling of the foundation wall for the physical education wing are about 90% complete.   The rest of the exterior foundation walls and footings are about 95% complete.  Stones are being added for drainage.  All the soil has been tested and only one section of soil is being removed. 
    "The school board has no official notification of a completion delay and we are hopeful that we will be able to catch up some of our time that was lost due to weather," said Draeger. 

    January 28, 2008

    LHS Music Wing ConstructionConstruction is running about six weeks behind schedule due to weather related issues, said Tim Howarth, the construction manager for Turner Construction, at the January 28 Board of Education Workshop meeting. The biggest issue is laying the slabs for science and music wing additions. The  physical education building is also six weeks behind because of weather. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brad Draeger added that "we have gotten some of the worst weather at the worst times."
    LHS ConstructionHowarth suggested that some of the lost time will be made up by re-sequencing the project, and that the steel will be erected prior to finishing the underground electric and pouring the floor.  He also suggested the possibility of utilizing a second shift to remove corridor ceilings during the February vacation.
    Dr. Draeger, in response to a query from Board president Tony Calcado, noted that "We went after LEED certification and are operating a safe site.  We have taken every precaution available with testing and we are carting off-site any contaminated soil.  We did find one small pile that is being transported, following all DEP standards, to an approved site. It is of no danger to students or staff unless large quantities are ingested, and we do not see that as a threat."
    The Board will visit the construction site.
    LHS Construction Sign
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