Construction Update - August 27, 2008
    custodians at work
    LHS custodial staff have been working round the
    clock in preparation for the beginning of the school year.



    LHS students, like all other students in the District, will begin the 2008-2009 academic year on Thursday, September 4th.  LHS principal, Pam Clause-McGroarty has asked that faculty and students not enter the school until September 2nd.  “We still have electricians and other construction workers finishing up.  I just want to ensure the safety of our students and faculty.”  However, Principal Clause-McGroarty recognizes that parents and students may have questions.  As such, the main office and guidance departments are open for business and parents and students can access these offices through the A-Hall north parking lot entrance.  All other corridors and entrances will remain closed until September 2nd, when the teachers return.


    It has been an exciting summer as we have all watched the evolution of LHS.  When students and staff return they will be welcomed to new classrooms in the music and technology education departments, the newly-renovated nurse’s suite, and the track.  The parking lot outside of the cafeteria has been paved and striped and will be used for faculty, staff and visitor parking. 

     front entrance under construction

    Please note, that on September 1, 2008 Madonna Drive will become a two-way street. School bus students will be dropped off on the west-bound side of Madonna Drive, curb-side to the building. Those bussed students will access the building through the side doors at that location. All other students and visitors are directed to use the cafeteria entrance off of the main parking lot.  Please exercise caution when traveling in the vicinity of LHS to ensure the safety of our students, parents, staff, and community.


    The transformation of LHS is outstanding, but there is much more to come, so stay tuned.  It is our goal to make this process transparent and to keep the Livingston community up to date on our progress.


    music room 1

    music room 2

    music room 3

     The new LHS music wing is ready for future composers and Grammy and Tony award winners!
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