Fall 2008 Updates
    The Livingston community continues to witness the evolution of LHS which is well on its way to becoming a state-of-the-art educational facility!


    The new physical education building is a sight to behold.  Once completed, LHS will, for the first time, be able to have assemblies in the main gymnasium for ALL students and staff.  Students will have access to a new fitness room and dance studio overlooking the football field.  The boys and girls locker rooms will offer students more space and will be visually pleasing with the layout and tile work.  It is anticipated the building will be ready for students’ return after the winter break. 
    PE1 PE 2 PE 3 PE 4
     It may not look like it, but it is anticipated that the new physical education complex will be ready for students following the winter break.  Here you can see the ongoing construction and the view from the new fitness room.
    PE 5 Front Entrance to PE Building
    The main gymnasium will be able to house the entire LHS family.
    The wood floors of the main gym will be installed in the next few weeks.
    The new science wing is well on its way towards completion.  New cabinetry and lab stations are being installed and the new equipment is lining the halls awaiting their new home.  The elevator has been installed to ensure that everyone has access to this second floor wing.  This wing promises to nurture and encourage students who are interested in the sciences as part of their high school experience or who plan on pursuing the sciences following their high school career.  It is anticipated that this wing will be ready for students’ return after the winter break. 
    Science Wing 1 Science Wing 2 Science Wing 3 Science Wing Elevator

     Cabinetry in the science wing is being installed in each of the new classrooms.  Additional equipment is lining the halls waiting for installation.  The elevator which will allow all students to access this second floor wing has been installed.  The elevator will also assist in the movement of equipment and other bulk items from the first floor to the second with ease.

    The front entrance might be the most obvious change to passers by.  The front entrance of LHS was completely demolished and is being reconstructed as you are reading this!   The steel beams are in place and the finished product will be a testament to the history and future of LHS.  It is anticipated that the front entrance will be completed by April.
    Front 1 Front 2

     Soon, the new front entrance will welcome students and faculty to the improved LHS!

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