• Each year, 5th graders participate in "Battle of the Books".  They can read up to 14 books in a variety of fiction genres. They work in groups to create shields to represent their team names (see the photo gallery of shields below the team photo) and then compete in a contest answering questions based on the books.  After several weeks of battling during their Library Media classes, a winning team is determined for each 5th grade homeroom. During the afternoon of Field Day, the entire 5th grade comes together to cheer on their class teams. All teams performed well, and the final competition was close, but the "Magnificent Monkeys"  from Mrs. Latino's class emerged as the winners. Congratulations to Justin Heiszer, Jonah Choi, Teddi Scharf, Nicholas Andolino and Sylvie Friedman (and to Hannah Habib who was absent for the final Battle, but helped her team get to this point)!