Medically Excused Program

  • Procedures and Program Information

    Background Information: Students who are medically excused and cannot have their physical activities modified in the regular Physical Education program will be given written assignments to complete in an alternative setting. Students should report to their teacher and inform them of their medical circumstance.  The teacher will then send the student to the nurse to document the medical note.  Moving forward, sudents will report to the Media Center and sign in for daily attendance according to the length of their medical excuse. While in the Media Center, students will complete weekly assignments to demonstrate their understanding of physical education skills and content knowledge. Successful completion of the assignments will result in a letter grade and advancement to the next grade level per high school grading policy and graduation requirements. In some circumstances, the teacher may be able to involve the student in class activities while adhering to the medical restrictions.

    Daily Procedures: After students have completed the daily attendance check in, they will log onto their school-issued device and visit the LHS H/PE department website to access their assignments. All assignments are for a one-week duration, as described on the assignment document. Students are to use their physical education period to complete their medical assignments. Students will abide by the rules and procedures of the Media Center during the term of their medical excuse. Be advised that the LHS attendance policy is in effect whether you are in the regular or medically excused physical education program. All rules and expectations will be enforced and infractions will be referred to LHS administration if not adhered to. If students have any questions related to their assignments, a grade or the procedures, they must contact his/her physical education teacher.

    Additional Requirements and Information: By the end of day each Friday, students are expected to complete and turn in their assignments. All assignments must be emailed to the student's assigned physical education teacher with his/her name, assigned PE period, and the assignment's week number in the subject area. Unless there is a compelling reason or project option that has been discussed with the physical education teacher, all work is to be typed and emailed. If students have an assignment that requires a drop off or has a tangible product that they wish to present to the teacher, they may hand that piece to the Media Specialist or leave it in the teacher's mailbox. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with the teacher that he/she received the assignment to avoid any lowering of grade or additional assignments. Failure to complete the assignments may result in a failing grade, lack of credit and having to repeat the grade level requirements for physical education.

    Grading: Assignments will be graded by the teacher and given a letter grade as if the student were in the regular physical education program. Teachers will use a rubric to evaluate the work based on the requirements noted in the assignment description. Students should direct any questions to the physical education teacher.

    All other questions regarding the Livingston High School Physical Education program may be directed to the district supervisor.

    Mr. Robert Grosso
    K-12 Supervisor of Health and Physical Education
    Phone: 973 535-8000 x 8174
    Fax: 973 535-0972