Mathematics Department Overview

  • The vision of the mathematics standards is focused on achieving one crucial goal:

    To enable ALL of New Jersey’s children to acquire the mathematical skills, understandings, and attitudes that they will need to be successful in their careers and daily lives.

    Perhaps the most compelling reason for this vision is that all of our children, as well as our state and our nation, will be better served by higher expectations, by curricula that go far beyond basic skills and include a variety of mathematical models, and by programs which devote a greater percentage of instructional time to problem-solving and active learning.

    The sequential nature of mathematics requires attention to proper placement. Decisions will be based on student aptitude and demonstrated performance. A detailed analysis of the department’s procedures for placement is available from the department supervisor or the school counselor. All courses are closely aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics.

    The Mathematics Department offers the opportunity for a student to learn different programming languages while at Livingston High School. The Computer Programming course introduces students to Python and other elements of Computer Science and Computer Programming in the 21st Century. The AP Computer Science course explores JAVA.

    The department offers several electives for students. There are two semester course electives: Data Analysis & Probability and Statistics. These courses can be taken in the same year, or students can choose to pair them up with courses in other subjects. Other elective college preparatory courses include College Math Seminar CP and College Algebra and Trigonometry CP. Students who would like to pursue advanced studies in mathematics can also take AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB or BC, and/or Multivariable Calculus.

    The department encourages parents to discuss with their child the detailed course sequences provided, to help determine a math course sequence of study that allows for growth over time as his or her skills and interests in mathematics develop.

    There can be courses where students may have proficiency in the content from prior or out-of-school programs or experiences. If a student seeks to enroll in a course and has not taken the required pre-requisite at Livingston High School, the student must demonstrate his/her comparable proficiencies to the department supervisor. Students may not enter into a course without successful completion of a required pre-requisite or department supervisor approval. Upon supervisor approval, students will be notified if they are permitted to enter into the requested course.

    Antonio Matheus, 7-12 Supervisor