Week 6 Medical Assignment

  • Assignment Topic: Analyzing Movement Concepts

    Rationale: Being a physically literate individual means having the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person. Throughout your years of physical education, your teachers aimed to provide you with instruction to best help you become this type of physically literate individual. You have had opportunities to explore and participate in a variety of sports and activities, ranging from jumping rope to striking activities to net sports. This assignment will put your prior knowledge of physical education concepts to use, and challenge you to use your physical literacy to analyze movement concepts.


    • Student will be able to analyze physical education movement concepts, recognize errors, and correct the errors in alignment with proper form.
    • Student will be able to draw on prior knowledge from physical education in order to act as a teacher or coach to critique skills.


    • 2.2.12.MSC.2: Analyze application of force and motion (e.g., weight transfer, power, speed, agility, range of motion) and modify movement to impact performance. 


    Directions: In this assignment, you will take on the role of a Physical Education teacher or coach to critique and correct errors demonstrated in videos of various physical skills. 

    Part 1

    For each of the following videos, you will:

    • View the video
    • Recognize the skill being performed and analyze the person’s movement and skills
    • In a separate document, using complete sentences, describe what you notice the person doing both correctly and incorrectly. Give the person feedback, as if you were their teacher or coach, in order to 1) commend/encourage them, and 2) to provide constructive feedback for them to improve.
      • For each video, your response should be at least 3 sentences.

    Videos to view:

    Part 2

    In a 1-2 paragraph essay, respond to the following prompts:

    • How physically literate do you feel you are at this point in your life? Reflect on your ability to complete this assignment in your answer.
    • Why do you think it is important to be a physically literate individual? What benefits does it serve?
    • How can being physically literate help you engage in opportunities later in life? What kind of opportunities may physical literacy help with?

    Grading: Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

    • Completion of all assignment requirements.
    • Use of accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Creativity – formatting, aesthetic, and design.
    • Submission of the assignment to your teacher’s email by Friday of the week assigned.

    Based on the above items, your grade will be placed in the gradebook in lieu of your “participation” for the week.

Physical Education