• Tech Dept Projects
     2016-2017 Technology Department Projects
    and Competitions Calendar
    FIRST Robotics - "Season Kick-off Event"  – September 10, 2016
    Livingston School District STEM Presentation at NJSBA Conference - Atlantic City - October 25-26, 2016
    Fall Drama Set Design (Stagecraft Class) – Dec. 2016
    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Competition – Dec. 10, 2016 
    FIRST Robotics “Robo-Joust”@ LHS – December 11, 2016
    NYC – Fashion District FT - TBD
    Architecture FT to Hearst Tower - NY
    MS Tech – Femgineers – Future Cities Competition - January 14, 2017
    Northeast New Jersey League Championship - FIRST FTC - February 12, 2017 
    FIRST Robotics State Championship - February 26, 2017
    TSA - TEAMS Engineering Competition - March 13, 2017
    ITEEA Conference Presentation – Dallas, TX - March 16-18, 2017
    FIRST Robotics East Super-Regional Competition - March 17-19, 2017
    MHS - TSA State Conference/Competition - March 29, 2017
    LHS – TSA State Conference/Competition – April 8, 2017
    Shell Ecomarathon Competition – Detroit, MI – April 27-30, 2017
    FIRST Robotics - World Championship April 26-29, 2017
    Lancer Robotics wins Fed Ex Drone at World
    Robotics Championship Tournament 
    Video of LHS from DJ II Drone 

    Lancer Robotics Team Set NJ High Score Mark for 2014 FTC Season 
    The Livingston Lancer Robotics Team #3415 competed at the Third Annual “Golden Eagles” meet at Morris Knolls High School on October 24, 2014.  In their last match, the Lancers, allied with Mechanical Wave from Delbarton, scored 306 points, the highest of the night. This is now the highest score of New Jersey FTC Robotics for the 2014 season!
                Lancer Drive Team                                 high score

    The LHS Ecolancers were featured on NJN's Classroom Close-up televison series this past weekend.
    Congratulations to the team and best wishes for the upcoming season!
    Eco Team in Houston  

    Technology, Design, and Engineering Teachers
    Attend Robotics Workshop
    AXIS Robotics Workshop
    Technology, Design, and Engineering teachers, Dave Richards and Corey Yersak attended the AXIS Automation Robotics Workshop.  Engineers and vendors from many robotics-related industries led workshops and demonstrated innovative products; including 5 axis robots, PLC controllers, HMI devices, servo and stepper motors, etc.  The Technology Department is looking to bring more advanced levels of technology into the Robotics curriculum and met with Siemens Corporation representatives to discuss technologies that will better prepare students for careers in the automation and robotics fields.

    The Livingston Lancer Robotics Team host
    NJ FTC – FIRST Robotics Kick-Off event

    The Livingston Lancer Robotics Team hosted the NJ FTC – FIRST Robotics Kick-Off event on Saturday Sept. 6, 2014 at Livingston High School.  The event marks the beginning of the 2014-2015 FTC Robotics season and was attended by over 500 people representing more than 50 high schools and/or teams.  

    The annual Kick-Off event includes workshops for robotics team members and coaches and a chance to see the worldwide video release of the game.  Former LHS Robotics team members, Robert Sokolov, Isaac Lynn, and Connor King provided workshops, guidance, and information to current members of teams from throughout New Jersey.  Lucas Ochoa and Menglong Guo of the Livingston Lancers taught a workshop on 3D Printing and Outreach through YouTube videos. Attendees also visited displays of showcase teams to learn about the details of successful teams and robots.
    Kick-off 2014-1  

    LHS EcoLancers on Television

    Show #3  Watch Oct. 12, Nov. 16

    Ecolancers - Livingston High School is the only New Jersey high school team competing in the international Shell Eco-marathon competition. The Ecolancers are a group of Technology and Design students who have been challenged to design and develop a vehicle that would get over 1000 miles per gallon.  The team reflects the high level education New Jersey schools provide students and how the teachers of Livingston High School are preparing students for STEM-related careers. All aspects of the design and the procurement and fabrication of parts have been completed by the students. 
    NJCCU Logo  

    TransOptions $1500 Grant  

    Eco-Lancers Receive Grant from TransOptions


    John Ciaffone, right, President of the TransOptions, an alternative transportation non-profit, presented the Livingston High School Eco-Lancers team with a check for $1,500, at the Board of Education meeting on February 24. The Eco-Lancers are a team that uses engineering concepts in an effort to create environmentally-sound transportation methods. TransOptions is involved in promoting efficient transportation options throughout New Jersey, including alternative commute options.

    The Eco-Lancers will use the donation to purchase materials and supplies for building a vehicle to participate in the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, an international challenge for high school and college student teams from around the world, including Europe, Asia and the Americas, to design, build, and test energy efficient vehicles. The students are tasked with building the most environmentally- efficient vehicle possible. The team hopes to design and build a vehicle that will exceed 2,000 miles per gallon—enough gas to drive from Livingston to Chicago and back using only one gallon of fuel. This year’s competition will take place in Houston. Story by Jeremiah Lim, with contribution from LPS.


    Lancer Robotics Team wins THINK Award at NJ State Championship Tournament
    THINK AWARD 2013

    The LHS Robotics team competed at the New Jersey State Shampionship Tournament at NJIT this past weekend where they were awarded the“Think” award. This award is presented to the team that best reflects the “journey” the team took as they experienced the engineering design process during the build season. The Engineering Notebook is the key referencefor judges to help identify the most deserving team. The team’s Engineering Notebook should focus on the design and build stage of the team’s robot. Journal entries of interest to judges for this award will include those describing the steps, brainstorms, designs, re‐designs, successes, and those ‘interesting moments’ when things weren’t going as planned. This is a prestigious award and reflects the instruction and focus of the entire Technology Department. 

    Members of the team include: Sam Yang, Ben Weis, Shira Li, Jessica Lieberman, Larry Chen, Michael Cheng, Julie McEldoon, Richard Yu, Menglong Gou, Jonathon Yap, and Lucas Ochoa.

    The coaches for the team are Jim Novotny and Corey Yersak. Team mentor is Isaac Lynn.

    Livingston High School Students Complete Phase 2 of Qualifications to Compete at Shell Americas Ecomarathon in Houston, TX
    The 2013 Shell Ecomarathon is fast approaching.  The Lancers, looking to field two vehicles in the competition, are in the midst of finalizing their entries.  Phase 2 qualification requires considerable planning and demonstrates to the sponsor, Shell, Inc., that the team is preparing a viable and safe entry for the competition.  Students will be taveling in early April to Houston to test their vehicle.  The team is expected to achieve over 600 mpg from their gasoline powered vehicle. 

    *** WIN THINK AWARD ***

    On Saturday, March 2, 2013, The LHS Robotics team competed at the Pennsylvania State Championship tournament at Millersville University, Millersville, PA.  The team was awarded the“Think” award at the event.  This award is presented to the team that best reflects the “journey” the team took as they experienced the engineering design process during the build season. The Engineering Notebook is the key referencefor judges to help identify the most deserving team. The team’s Engineering Notebook should focus on the design and build stage of the team’s robot. Journal entries of interest to judges for this award will include those describing the steps, brainstorms, designs, re‐designs, successes, and those ‘interesting moments’ when things weren’t going as planned.  This is a prestigious award and reflects the instruction and focus of the entire Technology Department.  The team was one of 48 teams that qualified for the Pennsylvania Championship Tournament.  They did so by winning the Inspire Award at the Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Tournament. 


    Members of the team include: Sam Yang, Ben Weis, Shira Li, Jessica Lieberman, Larry Chen, Michael Cheng, Julie McEldoon, Richard Yu, Menglong Gou, Jonathon Yap, and Lucas Ochoa.


    The coaches for the team are Jim Novotny and Corey Yersak.  Team mentor is Isaac Lynn.

    Robo-Joust 2012
    Livingston High School - December 15, 2012
    NJ FTC Qualifying Tournament
    36 Teams
    500+ Spectators
    Congratulations to: 2753 - Team Overdrive, 3539 - Say Watt?, 3567 - Fear the Gear, 4102 - CHS Cougars, 5005 - Carbonauts, 5398 - Robo Tux, 5996 - ACS Team, and 6508 - Radioactive Raiders for qualifying for the NJ Championship Tournament!

    Lancers Win 1st Place at Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Design Competition
    The Lancer Team of Jamie Levinson, Kenny Duffy, and Jeffery Yu designed, built, and ran the winning vehicle at the 7th Annual TransOptions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Design Competition held at New Providence High School on December 12, 2012.  Running on only Hydrogen, the Lancer's design traversed the course in the consistently in the least amount of time.  Congratulations to Jamie, Kenny, and Jeffery!
    Lancer1 Fuel Cell

    Lancer Robotics Team Presents at New Jersey School Boards
    Association Conference and to New Jersey Technology and
    Engineering Education Teachers
    NJSBA - 3415     NJTEEA - 3415
     NJ Districts Visit LHS for STEM Ideas
    With an increased emphasis on STEM throughout the state and country, several districts have visited the Livingston School District Technology, Engineering, and Design Dpeartment.
        New Brunswick Rahway Schools
    LHS Lancer Rocketry Team Up and Flying
    Abe Berstein
    The LHS Lancer Rocketry team will be participating in the Team America Rocketry Competition (TARC) this year. Abe Bernstein, retired rocket engineer and designer of a hybrid rocket engine in 1948 spoke to the team and Mr. novotny's Tech and Design 2 class on September 20th.
    More details of the competition can be found at http://www.rocketcontest.org/

    LHS Technology Department/Program to be highlighted at 2013 ITEEA Conference
    The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association selected a presentation proposal that highlights the use of student competitions at LHS for its 2013 international conference.  Details of how and why competitions improve student learning in technology, design, and engineering will be discussed and practical examples including the Shell Ecomarathon, FIRST robotics, TSA, the Edison Challenge, TARC, and others will be shared.

    LHS Lancer Robotics Team Hosts
    NJ FIRST-FTC Robotics Season Kick-off Event
    On September 8th 270 students, parents, teachers, and coaches from throughout NJ, NY, and PA met at Livingston High School to participate in the Official Game Reveal for the FTC 2012-13 season.  The theme for this year will be "Ring it Up"

    Lancer Robotics

    The Lancer Robotics Team, FTC #3415 competed at the USFIRST Robotics Championship Tournament in St. Louis, Mo.  One of only 128 teams from around the world, the Lancers recieved an invitation to the tournmanet by winning the Inspire Award at the NYC Regional Tournament.

    Livingston High School Students Travel to Texas to Compete in Shell Ecomarathon   

    Imagine driving from Philadelphia to Boston on not one tank of gas, but ONE GALLON. That's the efficiency the Livingston High School Eco-Lancers team displayed with the vehicle they designed and entered into the 2012 Shell Ecomarathon. The team was able to get 318 miles pergallon from their vehicle during several runs on the 6 mile road course in downtown Houston on March 30, 2012.

    As a first year team, theEco-Lancers fared well in the competition. While considerably shy of the 2189 mpg recorded by the winning team from Mater Dei High School in Evansville, IN, the Eco-Lancers met their goal of getting a vehicle designed, build, and qualified for the extremely competitive event. As coach Novotny commented about the team, "Our goal for the first year was to design and build a frame, drivetrain, steering, braking, and electrical system that met the stringent Shell guidelines and exceeded 250 mpg.  Most of the top ranked teams have been involved with the competition for several years and have a reserve of knowledgeand experience that enable them to achieve over 1000 mpg results."
    The Eco-Lancers began designing their vehicle in December of 2011. First through CAD drawings and then by a wood prototype, the team worked out the size and shape of their vehicle. A frame for the vehicle was formed and welded into shape with equipment received from a $5000 grant from Lowe's Hardware. Other team members researched engine and drivetrain components with engineers at Honda. A local donation from Chatham Lawnmower Service of a 50cc Honda engine became the foundation of their design. Wheels, brakes, and drivetrain components came from donations from Hilltop Bicycle and Whippany Bicycle shops and others.
    Upon fabricating the body, Northfield Collision donated a "Lancer" paintjob and Shell donated funds to ship the vehicle to Houston. Additional support for the team was provided by The Livingston PBA, Head of the Hunt, EuroTech Inc., Best Buys, and Select Services, Inc.
    Further information about the Shell Ecomarathon can befound at www.shell.ecomarathon.com and the Eco-Lancers website at www.ecolancers.webs.com
    Ecomarathon 1 Ecomarathon 2

    Lancers Win INSPIRE AWARD at NYC Region FIRST Robotics Tournament

    The Livingston High School Lancer Robotics team was awardedthe FTC Inspire Award at the 2012 New York City Regional FIRST RoboticsTournament.  The Inspire Award is givento the team that best represents all facets of FIRST Robotics and is thehighest award presented by FIRST.   Thetournament, held at Jacob Javits Center in New York City on March 18, wasattended by seventy-two teams from throughout the tri-state area. In winningthe award, the Lancers qualify for the World Championship FTC tournament in St.Louis on April 25-28, 2012 where the top 128 teams from around the world willcompete.  Members of the Lancer RoboticsTeam include:  Rob Sokolov, Rob Fidler,Ben Weis, Amy Xu, Shira Li, Royce Tjin, Sam Yang, Robin Shafto, Patrick Xia,Menglong Guo, and Larry Chen.

    More information about the LHS Lancer Robotics team can befound at: http://www.facebook.com/ftc3415
    2012 - LHS Lancer robotics Team

    LHS Team to Compete at
    Shell Eco-marathon Competition
    Houston, Texas - March 28 - April 1

    shell eco-marathon


    The Shell Eco-marathon is a challenge for high school and college student teams from around the world (Europe, Asia, and the Americas) to design, build, and test energy efficient vehicles. Winning teams are those that can travel the farthest distance using the least amount of energy.

    Last year there were 94 teams at the Asia event in Kuala Lumpur, 187 teams at the Europe event in Lausitz, Germany, and 68 teams at the Americas event in Houston, Texas. The Eco-Lancers of Livingston High School is the ONLY high school team from New Jersey. The only other team from New Jersey is a team from Steven’s Institute! The current American record is 2,564 MPG and the world record is 8,675 MPG.

    The following students comprise the Eco-Lancers: Herbert Bolimovsky, Sean Hunter, Harrison Katz, John Metzger, and Justin Russo. Mr. Novotny, the Livingston High School Technology Department Supervisor serves as their coach/advisor. Additional help and support is provided by Dave Richards and Cory Yersak, both teachers in the Technology Department at Livingston High School.

    See the following link for mor details:

    150 Students at HMS and LHS to compete at NJ TSA Competition

    March 28, 2012

    Lancers Robotics Team to Compete at NYC Regional Robotic Tournament
    FTC Logo
    March 16-17, 2012

     Connect Award
    Lancers Awarded CONNECT AWARD
    at Parsippany Hills High School FIRST Robotics Scrimmage
    The Livingston High School Lancer Robotics Team was awarded the CONNECT AWARD at the Parsippany Hills High School FIRST Robotics FTC Scrimmage on Saturday October 15, 2011.  The award is given to the team that connects best with their local community and the engineering community. A true FIRST team is more than a sum of its parts, and recognizes that their schools and communities play an essential part to their success. The recipient of this award is recognized for helping the community understand FIRST, the FIRST Tech Challenge, and the team itself.

    Lancer Robotics Team - FTC  #3415
    Receives $1000 Grant from PTC
    PTC, a strategic partner of FIRST Robotics and developer of Creo, MathCAD, and Windchill software, selected the LHS Lancers for the 2011-12 PTC/FTC Grant.  The team will use the money to offset design, construction, and transportation costs associated with running the 2011-12 team.
    Robot at Parsippany Hills HS


    LHS Lancer Robotics Team Host
    FIRST Robotics FTC Kick-off Event

    Receive Outstanding Support Award *** 

    The Lancer Robotics Team hosted the FIRST Robotics FTC Kick-off event on September 10th.  Over 30 teams from throughout the New Jersey/New York area attended the event.  In addition to hosting multiple workshops, Lancer Robotics team members assisted in teaching other teams about programing, robot construction, and team skills.  The offical game for 2012 - "Bowled Over". At the end of the event, NJ FIRST FTC coordinator, Vince Frascella, recognized the Lancers for their outstanding support over the past year.  Good job Lancers!!!

    September 10, 2011

    Kenny Zushma to attend Engineering by Design (EbD) Workshop and become Trainer for New Jersey implementation

    Engineering by Design is a standards based Technology Education curriculum developed by the International Technology and Engineering Education Association.  For more information on the program see the following link:

    September 8, 2011

    Livingston High School Hosts NJTEA STEM
    Teachers Boot Camp
    Over 100 STEM teachers from throughout New Jersey attended a workshop sponsored by the New Jersey Technology Education Association in August.  Teachers learned about STEM activities and particpated in several hands-on design activities that they can implement in their classrooms.

    August 28, 2011

    $500 Award from Best Buy Electronics allows LHS Technology Department to purchase an IPad for the Department

    Through Best Buy's @ 15 Program, the LHS Technology Department was able to garner the most third most votes for it's on-line project.  Thank you to all the people who voted for our project!

    Brian Megaro, Dave Richards, & Jim Novotny Receive

    IMAGE Award from the New Jersey Technology Education Association

    The IMAGE Award honors individuals within the membership of NJTEA that make a special effort that results in positive reflection of Technology Education outside of the profession.  Whether it be through a single act or concentrated effort over a period of time, these individuals are worthy of recognition as exceptional educators that realize that leadership and advocacy is needed for the profession beyond the walls of their classroom.  These individuals’ actions have had a positive impact on the image of the Technology Education profession in New Jersey by helping to spread the word about the benefits of technological literacy for all students.

    LHS Technology Department Awarded $5000 from Lowe's Toolbox for Education
    The Livingston High School Technology Department was awarded a $5000 Grant from Lowe's!  The
    Toolbox for Education program, sponsored by Lowe's, is designed to support innovative ways to engage students into hands-on learning. LHS was awarded the grant to support the development of a Design and Innovation Studio.  This facility will allow students from throughout the high school to have access to tools, machines, and processes that will allow them to design, communicate, build, and test innovative solutions to problems and projects they encounter while at LHS.  The $5000 will be used to purchase equipment in the facility.

    May 10, 2011

    Livingston High School Technology Department receives $500 STEM Grant from NJTEA

    Dave Richards, Brian Megaro, and Technology Department Supervisor, Jim Novotny receive a $500 STEM grant from NJTEA.  The grant is for supplies and materials related to the development of the LHS courtyard into a Bio-tech Learning Environment/Lunch area.  Students in various technology classes are developing the plans and will be implementing features to be included in the courtyard.

    Lauren Atkins receives NJTEA

    future Technology Teacher Scholarship 

    May 6, 2011

    Lauren Atkins received a $500 scholarship from the New JerseyTechnology Education Association this past week.  The award is given to one New Jersey senior whois committed to becoming a technology teacher. Congratulations to Lauren!


    Lancer Robotics Team wins PTC Design Award at World Championship Tournament in St. Louis, MO.


    The Livingston High School Lance Robotics Team competed in the FIRST Robotics World Championship Tournament this past week where they were awarded the highly coveted “PTC Design Award”.  This award, given to only one team at the championship tournament, recognizes the Lancer’s efforts to create the most functional and aesthetic robot.  In addition to good design, the team was selected by how well they incorporated industrial design concepts into the design of their robot and by how well they were infused creative solutions into a clean and practical design.  In winning the award, the judges also considered the advanced level of Computer Aided Design CAD drawings completed by the students.




    Livingston Lancers Win Insprie Award at Jacob Javitts Center - New York City Regional FIRST Robotics FTC Tournament



    Jim Novotny Presents STEM Workshop at International Technology and Engineering Education Association Meeting in Minneapolis



    Dave Richards and Brian Megaro Receive Innovative Teacher Award from NJTEA and the Martinson Foundation


    HMS Femgineers Recognized by NJSBA

    The HMS Femgineerswere selected to receive Honorable Mention in the 25th Annual SchoolLeader Award competition. This competition, sponsored by the New JerseySchool Boards Association, spotlights creative and innovative programsin New Jersey schools that improve student learning. An article aboutthe HMS Femgineers will be featured in a future issue of School Leadermagazine.

    Brian Megaro Presents Workshop on Stagecraft Course at the NJTEA State Conference

    Ice Cream!

    Congratulations to the Enriched Family and Consumer Science and Enriched Business studentsat Heritage Middle School who worked on an interdisciplinary projectdedicated to our town. They formed corporations and are in the icecream business! Students in the FCS class worked to perfect unique icecream flavors that represent Livingston. The students in the businessclass were busy marketing the new ideas. The students competed witheach other for the best tasting ice cream flavor that represents theTownship of Livingston. Students were judged on their marketingcampaign as well as the taste of their ice cream. All the teams did aterrific job and developed unique and delicious ice cream favors. Itwas a difficult decision, but the judges chose two winners: It’s aGraham ‘Ole Town and Gimme Smore. Tony Colaco, owner of Colaco’sCreamery will be featuring the winning flavors in his store duringYouth Appreciate Week in May. In addition, all of the flavors will beon sale on Thursday, May 26th for the Youth Appreciation Week “Love In”at Town Center. Proceeds from ice cream sales on the 26th will bedonated back to support Youth Appreciation Week.


    Labor of Love -Tree Planting

    a Big Success


    tree planting 1Tree Planting 2


    On March 2nd and 3rd, student volunteers planted 2 new trees on the LHS campus.  The 12' Blue Spruce trees were donated by Morris Associates of New Vernon, NJ.  A special thank you goes out to Mr. Fearon, Manager of the East Honover Home Depot for his advice and donation of work gloves to the students.



    Regal Bank Donates $2500 to the Lancer Robotics Team







    Thank you Regal Bank for your continued support of the Lancer Robotics Team!  Your generosity to the Lancer Robotics Team is very much appreciated.



    LHS Technology Department

     Hosts 3-D Printing Workshop


    NJTEA Presentation


    On Tuesday, February 8, 2011 the Livingston High School Technology Department, along with the New Jersey Technology Education Association and Allegheny Educational Systems, hosted a workshop on 3-D printing.  Two dozen teachers from throughout the state heard Mr. Richards discuss how our students, using the new AutoCAD Inventor and Revit software can be used to generate 3-D models and then sent to a printer to produce a 3-D prototype.  Allegheny Educational Systems loaned LHS the printer for the event and for a few days so students could print their designs.  Thank You, Gary!  The Lancer Robotics Team provided additional support for the meeting and showed the visiting teachers how the new software helped their team.



    Richard Markham brings his National Airbrush Expertise to LHS


    Airbrush Seminar


    Richard Markham, nationally recognized automotive airbrush artist, presented his skills to LHS students last Friday.  Bring an 80' custom tractor-trailer, and two customized automobiles, Richard provided students with an active, hands-on demonstration of techniques used to create custom airbrush designs.  In addition, students became familiar with post-graduation education opportunities to learn airbrush techniques.



    Lancer Robotics Team Wins 1st Place


    Robot 2


    Robot 1


    The Livingston Lancer Robotics Team continued their impressive performance this year by captaining the winning alliance at the "Snow Day Showdown."  The Lancers, along with Mad Science form Madison High School, and the Landroids of Livingston took top honors at the event!





    Harry Roman Speaks to LHS

    Femgineers and Lancer Robotics


    Harry Roman, retired lead engineer for PSE&G, visited Livingston High School on December 20th.  Mr. Roman met with the Femgineers and Robotics Team to discuss issues that engineers address.  The enthusiastic discussion led to the development multiple "solutions" to energy-related issues.





    Article in Livingston Alternative Press on Lancer Robotics










    Moorestown, NJ

    December 4, 2010


    1st Place


    The Livingston High School Lancer Robotics team won first place at the FIRST Robotics NJ State Qualifying tournament in Moorestown, NJ on Saturday, December 4, 2010.  Twenty-five teams from throughout the state of NJ and PA participated in the event.  In addition to placing first at the competition, the team was awarded the Inspire Award - the highest award given by FIRST.  This award is given to the team that best matches the ideals of FIRST.  In winning the event, the Lancers are now qualified to compete at the NJ Championship Tournament to be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in February.  The team, coached by Dave Richards and Jim Novotny, received many accolades for their CAD drawings, logbook, team display, team spirit, and presentation.





    Click the link below to see the artcle from the Livingston Daily Patch


     Senior Citizen Car Care Week