Week 3 Medical Assignment

  • Assignment Topic: Physical Education Research

    Rationale: Exploring the reasons why we do what we do, in any aspect of our lives, can help a person to develop a different perspective on a topic. Schools and education often set the blueprint for us in what it is that we have to learn. In this assignment, you are being asked to research a topic in physical education (PE) of your choice. It could be the history of PE, PE program qualities, or even a specific PE trend. After completing this assignment, it is our hope that you will come away with a different viewpoint on the subject of physical education and our school’s program. It may even inspire you to think about how PE intertwines with other subjects you are taking in school!


    • Student will be able to research a physical education topic of their choosing to develop a cohesive, informational research paper highlighting their findings related to their topic.
    • Student will be able to demonstrate open-mindedness through physical education research.



    • 2.2.12.LF.1: Apply and share a movement and physical fitness vocabulary that is intrinsic to motivate oneself, to impact family, and others in a community. 
    • 2.2.12.LF.5: Describe the social benefits gained from participating in physical activity (e.g., meeting someone, making friends, team work, building trust, experiencing something new).
    • 2.2.12.LF.8: Identify personal and community resources to explore career options related to physical activity and health.

    Directions: Select a topic to research in physical education. The topic could be from the list below, or you can come up with your own topic. All student-developed topics must be approved by your teacher.

    • What defines a quality physical education program?  
    • What is a physically educated person?
    • How did the requirement of health and physical education come to be law in the state of NJ?
    • What are the current and "best practices" in teaching physical education?
    • What are professional associations and health related associations (ex.  American Heart Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, Centers for Disease Control, National Association for Sports and Physical Education) saying about physical education?
    • What sport, activity or topic would you like to see added to our program and why? Include some basic information about the skills, equipment and space that would be needed for your suggested activity.
    • How is physical education different from athletics?
    • What is Adapted Physical Education?  
    • How did Title IX impact sports and physical education opportunities for women?

    Research and find information on your topic via the various resources available in the media center and on the internet. Then, you will write a 2-3 page paper using appropriate style and requirements for a research paper. Sources of study and your references must be noted on a separate page – this includes web based or print-based resources. The research paper must have a cover sheet with a picture or non-linguistic representation of the topic title or focus on it, the student’s name, PE period and teacher’s name.

    Grading: Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

    • Completion of all assignment requirements
    • Use of accurate and up-to-date information to develop your research paper.
    • Creativity – formatting, aesthetic, and design.
    • Submission of the assignment to your teacher’s email by Friday of the week assigned.

    Based on the above items, your grade will be placed in the gradebook in lieu of your “participation” for the week.