Technology, Design & Engineering Department Overview

  • NJSBA Technology, Design, and Engineering (TDE) Department courses provide students with an opportunity to develop an understanding of technology, engineering, design, and innovation. Students are actively involved in hands-on problem-based situations where they need to design, build, test, and document solutions in these courses. Students in all classes are exposed to related careers and the requirements for further study. The department offers courses in the following areas: Engineering and Architecture CAD and Design, Visual/Graphic Communication, Electronics/Computer Science, Robotics, Transportation/Automotive Technology, and Theatre/Woods/Construction Technology.

    All the courses listed below satisfy the 21st Century Life & Careers and Career Technical Education graduation requirement (minimum of 5 credits required for graduation).

    There can be courses where students may have proficiency in the content from prior or out-of-school programs or experiences. Suppose a student seeks to enroll in a course and has not taken the required pre-requisite at Livingston High School. In that case, the student must demonstrate their comparable proficiencies to the department supervisor. Students may not enter a course without completing a required pre-requisite or department supervisor approval. Upon supervisor approval, the department supervisor will notify students if they can enter the requested course.

    Rob Rolling, PreK-12 Supervisor of Business & Technology