Week 2 Medical Assignment

  • Assignment Topic: Unit-Specific Skill Cue Card

    Rationale: As a continuation of Week 1,  you will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the unit content for the physical education course/unit you are currently missing. As a non-participant, you will do this through the creation of a sport/unit review packet. The packet will contain information that demonstrates your cognitive understanding of the unit, as well as the psychomotor, or physical, understanding of the sport. This information may be shared and used to help others learn about physical education if the quality of the project is deemed appropriate. 


    • Student will be able to analyze and break down unit-specific skills in order to create useful tools to help others learn and succeed.
    • Student will be able to use artistic expression and creativity to design a cue card or checklist that can be used as a teaching resource for the selected skills.


    •  2.2.12.MSC.2: Analyze application of force and motion (e.g., weight transfer, power, speed, agility, range of motion) and modify movement to impact performance. 
    • 2.2.12.LF.1: Apply and share a movement and physical fitness vocabulary that is intrinsic to motivate oneself, to impact family, and others in a community. 

    Directions: Create a cue card or checklist for two (2) fundamental skills that are used in the sport or activity. Research the skills individually and break each down into “steps to check for” or “verbal cues” that an instructor would use in the teaching of the skill. Be creative - images, diagrams, video clips/venn-diagrams or graphic organizers are some helpful ideas to consider. 

    Grading: Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

    • Completion of all assignment requirements
    • Use of accurate and up-to-date content information to develop your skill cue card
    • Creativity – formatting, aesthetic, and design.
    • Submission of the assignment to your teacher’s email by Friday of the week assigned.

    Based on the above items, your grade will be placed in the gradebook in lieu of your “participation” for the week.