• Welcome to the LHS Social Studies Department


    As a department we believe... 

    • In inspiring our students to be intellectually curious

    • In the value of differing opinions

    • An exchange of ideas should be respectful

    • The focus of a debate should be to learn, not win

    • In the importance of finding common ground with others

    • In fostering a culturally aware community 

    • That strong arguments are always supported by evidence

    • That exercising your right to vote and making informed decisions is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy


    As a department, it is our mission to study the decisions of the past in order for our students to become responsible citizens and participate in the formation of a better future. Through the study of history, our students will gain insight into the complexities of national and world issues and understand potential consequences of actions. Each phase of our program offers students an extensive knowledge base, critical thinking skills, progressive mastery of oral and written communication, comprehensive geography skills, appreciation of artistic and cultural pursuits, and numerous opportunities to examine and discuss values and ethics of the global community and the American society. In order for our democracy to continue to grow and become more inclusive, we need a participatory, educated, and responsible populace.

    The Social Studies program emphasizes:

    1. A broad knowledge of historical movements and causality

    2. Progressive development of oral and written communication

    3. An appreciation for the legacies and achievements of all cultures

    4. Comprehensive knowledge and skills in geography

    5. Integration of art, music, literature, and philosophy within the studies of the global and American societies

    6. An understanding of the consequences of hate and the responsibility for promoting religious, ethnic, and national toleration and respect

    7. Knowledge and appreciation of democracy and an understanding of role and responsibilities of American citizenship

    8. Models for decision making and the consequences of choice

    9. Primary source readings

    10. Research based instruction and analytical research papers



    Charles Raphael, 7-12 Supervisor


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