PE Pals

  • The goal of the Adapted Physical Education program is for students to explore a variety of sports and lifetime activities, in an inclusive and supportive environment. Some of the activities that students participate in throughout the year include, basketball, cooperative games, dance/balance, fitness, yoga, throwing and catching skills, hula hoops, jump rope, bowling, pickleball, volleyball, bocce ball, miniature golf, and fishing. 

    Not only are students improving their skills in a variety of areas in this class, but they are also developing strong teamwork, communication skills and sportsmanship. In order to expand students’ ability to work with others and develop strong social connections, the Livingston High School Adapted Physical Education program has implemented the program “PE Pals”.  PE Pals is a program where LHS senior students come into the Adapted Physical Education class to participate with students in the activities listed above. 

    The LHS Seniors join the class once per week in Semester 2B during their physical education period, and they participate with the students in the Adapted Physical Education Program.  The students participating in this program are selected by their Physical Education teacher. The responsibilities of the senior students selected are to encourage, support, and work together with the adapted students. All students involved in PE Pals benefit from this program as they continue to build and reinforce their SEL or social emotional learning skills. Developing strong communication and teamwork skills are not only important for class, but will be important in each child’s future profession and relationships, and PE pals targets these exact skills.