• Summer Book Loan
    Mr. Matheus will be on vacation from June 27th through July 8th and from July 29th through August 19th. Textbooks will NOT be loaned during these time periods. Requests for summer book loans will NOT be processed after August 19th, 2024.
    Mathematics textbooks are available to those students who would like to review or prepare for September during the summer. Students and parents who would like to check out a textbook over the summer should do the following:
    1. Email Mr. Matheus and provide the following information:

    Student Name (first and last)
    Textbook Name or Course - make sure to indicate whether the course is CP or Honors (e.g., Algebra 1 CP, Precalculus Honors, etc.). 
    Parent Name (first and last)
    Parent Contact Information (e-mail and phone number)
    2. Mr. Matheus will review the requests and contact the parents or students to let them know when the textbook will be available. It is recommended parents contact the math office as soon as possible if they wish to check out a textbook. Textbooks may begin to be checked out starting on June 26th.
    3. Summer textbook loans will be entered in Genesis as student fines for the replacement cost of the textbook. If the student is loaning the book for the course they are taking in September, there is no need to return the textbook at the end of the summer. The student will be able to use the book over the course of the school year and will then return it to their mathematics teacher in June. The fine for the textbook will remain in Genesis until the book is returned. If the student is taking out a book that they will not use in class during the 2024-2025 school year, they are expected to return the textbook by August 26th. Once they return the textbook, the fine will be removed.
    4. Please note: The textbook will not be ready until the parent receives an e-mail or phone confirmation from Mr. Matheus. Confirmation e-mails will be sent out after June 24th. 
    Contact information: amatheus@livingston.org