Week 9 Medical Assignment

  • Assignment Topic: Recreational and Leisure Opportunities

    Rationale: Increasing physical activity and the enjoyment of nature are major goals of our physical education program. We believe that we are fortunate to live and work in Livingston; there are so many wonderful programs, parks and opportunities. To this end, we hope that this assignment will increase the awareness of you, our students (and your families), of what is available in the town or surrounding area. When people know about services and opportunities, they are more apt to take advantage of them. 


    • Student will be able to research and analyze recreational and leisure opportunities within their community and the surrounding areas that involve health/wellness.
    • Student will be able to describe the health benefits of the activity of their choosing and persuade others to want to participate in it.
    • Student will be able to identify an area of need within the community related to a recreational/leisure opportunity or other type of health/wellness-related development.


    • 2.2.12.LF.1: Apply and share a movement and physical fitness vocabulary that is intrinsic to motivate oneself, to impact family, and others in a community. 
    • 2.2.12.LF.8: Identify personal and community resources to explore career options related to physical activity and health.



    Directions: Research recreational and leisure activities available in the municipality and surrounding area of Livingston, New Jersey. A wealth of information can be found at the following websites: 

    Choose a recreational/leisure activity, course, opportunity, service or facility within your research. Create a Google Slides presentation including all pertinent information that a person might need to decide whether they would want to participate or visit the location. 

    • Example: “Municipal Pools”  
      • “Where are they located?”
      • “What services do they provide?” 
      • “What are their hours?” 
      • “What information is there about staff?”

    You will list and provide the links to your recreational/leisure activity that show evidence of your research and sources of information used as the last slide of the slideshow. 

    Part 2

    Provide a reporter style narrative essay (1-page) about the service, activity or facility. Create a persuasive review that will encourage readers to participate. Include the health benefits associated with the chosen topic as well as other benefits that may exist.

    Part 3

    Lastly, list and describe an area of need or a facility that you would like to see developed in the area as a recreational/leisure activity. Why is it needed? Why would it benefit the community if it were developed? It must be healthful, safe and legal.

    • Example: designated bike lanes, outdoor exercise equipment in parks, etc.

    Grading: Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

    • Completion of all assignment requirements.
    • Use of accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Creativity – formatting, aesthetic, and design.
    • Submission of the assignment to your teacher’s email by Friday of the week assigned.

    Based on the above items, your grade will be placed in the gradebook in lieu of your “participation” for the week.