Week 5 Medical Assignment

  • Assignment Topic: Health Conditions Research

    Rationale: The increasing financial burden on our healthcare system is due in part to the escalation of specific diseases and health conditions. We hope your research will shed light on how the disease or health condition you are researching plays a role in the society and medical profile. If you determine that there is a connection between physical activity (and physical education), we look forward to your determining its relevance through this assignment.


    • Student will be able to analyze chronic health conditions/diseases and choose one of interest to conduct research on.
    • Student will be able to summarize research findings into a cohesive summary on the chosen health condition.
    • Student will be able to develop an understanding for how common the health condition is, the impact that it has on society, and how the condition relates to physical activity and physical education.


    • 2.1.12.PGD.2: Predict how healthy and unhealthy behaviors can affect brain development and impact physical, social and emotional stages of early adulthood. 
    • 2.1.12.CHSS.6: Evaluate the validity of health information, resources, services, in school, home and in the community. 
    • 2.3.12.HCDM.4: Evaluate emerging methods to diagnose and treat diseases and health conditions that are common in young adults in the United States and in other countries (e.g., hepatitis, stroke, heart attacks, cancer,).
    • 2.3.12.HCDM.5: Analyze local, state, and international public health efforts to prevent and control diseases and health conditions (e.g., vaccinations, immunizations, medical exams, gene editing, artificial organ systems, prosthesis). 

    Directions: Select a chronic health disease or condition (ex. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc.) to research. Then, review three (3) current (within the last 5 years) research studies, journal articles, or news stories related to your research topic. 

    Part 1

    Write a short summary and reaction for each of the three articles. Include responses to the following questions: 

    • What do you think about the author’s point of view? 
    • What new learning did this give you? 
    • How does this relate to our nation’s health crisis? 

    Part 2

    Determine if there is a relationship between the disease/health condition and physical activity. If there is a connection, what recommendations and factors are critical for a person to know? Document your findings and express your opinions in a separate written essay. 

    Part 3

    Conclude the assignment by selecting a metaphor that most closely approximates your new learning and the information you read. Provide an explanation for your metaphor. Be creative and have fun with it.

    • Example: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” I chose this metaphor because it reflects the thinking that good nutrition is important to good health. if a person addresses their nutritional intake, they can avoid going to the doctor for negative reasons and as a response to poor health. 

    Grading: Your assignment will be evaluated on the following:

    • Completion of all assignment requirements
    • Use of accurate and up-to-date information.
    • Creativity – formatting, aesthetic, and design.
    • Submission of the assignment to your teacher’s email by Friday of the week assigned.

    Based on the above items, your grade will be placed in the gradebook in lieu of your “participation” for the week.

Health Research