Electronics Fabrication
    Course Description:

    Electronic Fabrication is a hands-on course that is designed for students interested in the building, testing and repairing of electronic equipment, including telecommunications and computer systems. The course focuses on soldering, schematic reading and drawing, and using test equipment. In addition, students will gain an understanding of the hardware and operating systems that are the foundation for the personal computer system.
    Who Typically Takes This Course?

    * Students who want to know more about electronics and computers.
    * Students who want to know how electrical and electronic circuits/products work.
    * Students who want to use soldering irons and other electrical equipment to build and test a wide range of electronic circuits/projects.
    * Students who are thinking about pursuing future study in electronics-related STEM careers.
    * Students who want to know how the parts of a computer work and the fundamentals of setting up a computer network.
    * Students who like working on electronics-related projects in their middle school Tech Ed. classes.
    Students Who Take This Course Frequently Take the Following Courses Concurrently or Next Year:
    Tech and Design 1
    Electronics Systems
    What People Say About This Course:
    "Almost everything around you has electronic components.  If you want to really want to understand, use, design, or repair technology, understanding how electronic circuits work is a fundamental skill."
    "Through a series of hands-on projects, students will learn about electronic circuits."
    "After learning about basic components, students will learn how they are used in complex products like computers."
    "Students will know how to take apart (and put back togetther!) a computer.  They'll learn about the various components, how they are test, and how to replace when bad."