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      Full Year
    Grades 10-12  
    Prerequisite: None

    AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to the central ideas of computer science and instills the central ideas and practices of computational thinking.  The course is designed to be an equivalent of a first semester introductory college computing course and will provide students with an overview of knowledge and practices that will enable students to develop creative computational artifacts and analyze computational data, information or knowledge.

    Rather than focus on a specific programming language, this course focuses on using technology and programming in an iterative process similar to what artists, writers, computer scientists, and engineers use to bring ideas to life. Through class instruction and individual, as well as collaborative application of concepts, principles, and understandings to a series of design scenarios/problems, students will develop the language, knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to address computational-related issues. 

    Major areas of study include: creativity and computing, abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the internet, and the global impact of computing.

                                         LEVEL 1 COURSES  
    Technology and Design for Science and Engineering (728) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None
    Technology and Design is a comprehensive design course that provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand the connection between science and technology.  Through a series of activities, students will creatively solve design problems related to science and technology.  Mathematics and science connections are emphasized throughout the course.  Upon completing this course, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to design, document, build, test, and present solutions to technological issues in science and other courses across the curriculum.  This course is highly recommended as a prerequisite or co-requisite for Physics Honors students.

    Electronics Fabrication (719) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None
    Electronics Fabrication is a hands-on course that is designed for students interested in understanding, building, testing and repairing of basic electronic components and circuits.  The first half of the year focuses on electronics fundamentals, math principles, numbering systems, components, schematics, and using test equipment. Student will gain practical experience in soldering, digital multi-meter usage, and Ohm’s Law applications for testing and troubleshooting electric circuits. The second half of the course focuses on the design and fabrication of electrical circuits and their applications.  This course will also provide information about careers and the work place.

    Engineering CAD 1 (710) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None

    This course provides students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts related to communicating engineering-related technical information/design ideas.  Through a series of hands-on experiences, students will become familiar with the sketching, lettering scale drawing, print reading, visualization dimensioning and problem solving techniques used by engineers and designers.  Students will use CAD software throughout the course to produce a wide range of 2 and 3 dimensional drawings and solutions to engineering-related problems.

    Architecture CAD 1 (713) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None

    This course provides students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts related to communicating architecture-related technical information and design ideas.  Through a series of hands-on experiences, students will become familiar with the sketching, lettering, scale drawing, print reading, visualizations, and problem solving techniques used by architects, interior designers, and the building trades.  Students will become familiar with the process used to design and develop homes and will develop their own floor plan, cross section, elevation, and perspective drawings.  CAD software will be used throughout the course.

    Visual/Graphic Communications (718) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None

    Visual/Graphic Communications provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the tools, techniques, and processes that allow one to effectively communicate ideas in a variety of visual and graphic modes.  Using a “graphic design” approach, students work with a variety of tools including cameras, film scanners, computer software, (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and printers/presses to produce photographs, page layouts, web page layouts, silkscreen prints, and other printed media.

    Transportation & Automotive Systems  (714) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None

    Transportation and Automotive Systems provides students with an overview of transportation-related technologies and systems.  Through hands-on projects and assignments, students will become familiar with the design processes related to various types of vehicles and their impact on the consumer and society.  In addition, the course provides students with the basic knowledge needed to maintain automobiles in the 21st century, including the use of contemporary computer-assisted diagnostic equipment.  Alternative fueled vehicles and power sources will be covered in the course.  Students perform lab assignments on their own vehicle or school-provided cars.  Career awareness and consumer knowledge are integrated throughout the course. 

    Stage Craft 1 (723) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite:  None
    Stage Craft 1 is intended for students who have an interest in stage/set design and construction and/or lighting/sound management.  Students will learn the fundamentals of set/scenery design and theater layout.  Students learn how to safely construct scenery and sets and to operate the various types of lighting and sound equipment associated with theatrical productions.  After-school participation with school productions is not required for the class.

    Woods 1 (717) Full Year Grades 9-12
    Prerequisite: None
    Wood Technology 1 is an introductory course that provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills and processes associated with various types of woodworking.  Through hands-on projects that use woodworking tools and techniques, students develop competence with woodworking safety, project planning and layout, basic project construction, joinery, manufacturing production, and construction systems.  Students plan and construct projects aligned with their interests and abilities.


    Half Year Grades 11-12
    Prerequisite:  None  
    Technology: Today and Tomorrow is a semester elective for juniors and seniors who want to expand their understanding of how technology shapes and is shaped by culture and society.  In an interesting, multi-media manner, with extensive hands-on projects/assignments, this course will provide students with an interactive opportunity to explore the major modern areas of technology, engineering, and design that impact the daily lives of most people and/or promise to do so in the future.  Topics in the course include: 1) Tools, Machines, and Materials that Changed the World: From Monster Machines to Nanotechnolgy, 2) The Evolution of Energy, Power, and Transportation Technologies: Getting Lean and Green, 3) The Evolution of Buildings and Structures: How Tall and Far Can They Go?, 4) The Evolution of Communications: How Computers, Cell Phones, and 3-D Imagery are Changing the World, 5) Space – The Final Frontier: Are You Ready to Go?, 6) Biotechnology and its Impact on Society, 7) The Military and its Role in Technology Transfer, 8) All This Stuff – Where Does It All Go? 9) Big Disasters: Learning from Colossal Engineering Failures, and 10) Amazing Inventions and Inventors.