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    Welcome to the Livingston High School Science Department.  As a department, it is our mission to help all students become scientifically literate.  As technology evolves, it grows increasingly more important that our students understand the latest advances and are able to make good, sound decisions as future voters.  A sound grounding in science strengthens many of the skills that people use every day, like solving problems creatively, thinking critically, working cooperatively in teams, using technology effectively, and valuing life-long learning.

    Students learn best when there is collaboration and communication between the student, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators.  Please encourage your child to communicate with the classroom teacher and visit the teacher during extra-help periods after school if necessary.  If a concern arises, the first step is to contact the classroom teacher directly to see if the issue can be resolved.  If additional suggestions are needed, please then feel free to contact me.

    The Science Department at Livingston High School offers unique courses such as forensic science, physiology, organic and bio/nuclear chemistry as well as a full selection of five second-year Advanced Placement courses.  For those interested in research, our three-year Science Research Program affords our students the opportunity to find a mentor at a college or university and conduct authentic research while still in high school.  Please visit your child’s respective course guide for more information on course offerings and prerequisites.  We are also rich in extra-curricular opportunities such as Science Olympiad, Science League, the Environmental Club, and the Science National Honor Society. 

    We hope your child enjoys their science experience here at Livingston High School.  Please contact me if you have any further questions.

    Brian Carey
    7-12 Science Supervisor
    973-535-8000 x7365 

    Please review your individual teacher's web page for specific information on the course you are taking.

     Parents, please see the toolbar on the left for important information regarding your child's science experience here at LHS including additional science opportunities for those interested.