ALP Peer Leader Program

  • The Peer Leadership program for 11th grade students runs during Marking Period 2 and Marking Period 3.

    11th grade students who are interested in being considered for the Advanced Leadership Program Peer Leader position are required to complete this form and turn it in to their 11th grade PE teacher by the announced due dates.  

    Teachers will review the applicant pool using the ALP Peer Leader criteria list and make determination on whether the applicant will be admitted to the program or not.  Emails notifications are sent to both the students who are accepted and those that are not accepted.

    The ALP peer leader program is a special program and requires a full marking period commitment from the student.  A signed ALP contract and parent permission slip are also required.

    An orientation meeting is held prior to the start of the ALP peer leaders enrollment.

    Any questions are to be directed to your PE teachers or Mr. Robert Grosso, District Supervisor who can be reached at email: