• Welcome to the Business Education Department!

    Livingston High School's Business Education courses concentrate on providing students with a well rounded business program with diverse course options. Our department teaches skills and content knowledge applicable for students both in and out of the business world. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit through out Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment programs, earn industry certifications for their resume, and partake in extracurricular opportunities through our hands-on courses.

    The business education department also guarantees all students graduate high school being financially literate. The following courses fulfill the financial literacy graduation requirement:

    • Personal Financial Literacy (11th-12th)

    • Personal Financial Literacy Hybrid (11th-12th)

    • Introduction to Business (9th-10th)

    • Career Internship Program (CIP)

    Click any of our courses below to be directed to a Youtube video about the course, created by an LHS Business teacher! You'll get a note that you ar leaving Canva when you click the link. Don't worry, you can safely proceed.

    Alternatively, find the link to the playlist of all our course videos by clicking here.

    Business Department Course Offerings


    Rob Rolling, PK-12 Supervisor of Technology & Business

    (973) 535 - 8000 (Ex: 8053)