• Welcome to the Livingston High School Television Program
    Courses in television production are offered to students in grades 10 through 12 as part of the Art Department. Students can enroll in up to three one-year classes,including Basic Television Production, Advanced Television Production, and TV News. In each of these three levels, students learn about different aspects of TV production and produce programs and projects in our state-of-the-art production studio.


    The Livingston High School Television Studio is also known as Lancervision. Lancervision is the name of the fictitious “production company” under which students produce programs for air on local access Comcast Cable Channel TV-34 and Verizon FIOS Channels 26 and 28 (referred to collectively as LTV). Students in the TV News class produce a daily TV news show called “A.M. Wired”. The show is an entertaining and informative program, which delivers the morning announcements to the LHS community in the form of a news show. “A.M. Wired” airs live to all the high school classrooms, as well as over LTV, every morning at 7:55 AM.


    Students in Advanced TV Production use their skills to produce a live entertainment report during class. Outside of class, Advanced TV students earn points for producing programming for LTV. Studio programs are taped after school and live studio programs, such as “Around Town” air in the evening. All are made using high school TV students as the crew. Advanced TV students also work as crew on-location for productions taped using the school’s TV production truck. High school sports, plays, schools’ talent shows, and other events are televised and rebroadcast over LTV.

    Lancervision broadcasts school programming on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as during various time slots over the weekend. Check the school’s web site for specific times and program schedules.



    AMWired is Livingston High School’s morning announcements program. It starts at 7:55 in the morning, and can be seen additionally at the same time on LTV. The show generally lasts 5 minutes, although it may go over a minute or two once in a while. A.M. Wired, along with all the other LTV programs, are unique in that they are run completely by a group of dedicated students enrolled in the Television Production courses.

    LTV - LancerVision

    The LTV and its community volunteers share use of LTV with the Livingston High School. Although final control and responsibility for the channel rests with the LTV, two distinct groups produce and arrange programming for LTV. The groups work together to divide up- the days and time slots so that the programming shown best meets the needs of Livingston’s diverse viewing audience.


    The first group, known simply as the LTV, is a group of community volunteers who work on programs for the community audience. They are made up of adults, including the appointed committee members and non-appointed volunteers. This group produces programs for the town and receives programs of interest from outside sources. The LTV broadcasts their shows on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as during various time slots over the weekend. This group also maintains and updates the Community Bulletin Board, which non-profit groups and organizations use to publicize events and items of interest to Livingston residents.

    LTV is Livingston’s own Cable Access Community channel that is shared by two independent groups. The channel is officially under the jurisdiction of the Livingston Town Council and is run by a group of volunteers know as the LTV. Through a unique and cooperative arrangement, the town’s channel is shared by the Livingston Township and the Livingston Schools. The Board of Education and the Town Council appoint volunteers to serve on the LTV and this group takes responsibility for the cable channel.


    The second group, known as Lancervision, is the Livingston High School Television Production Program. Students in high school TV classes, as well as the school teaching staff produce programs, which can be seen on LTV as well. Lancervision broadcasts school programming on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as during various time slots over the weekend. Lancervision programs include high school sports, student produced programs, TV class projects, and programs produced for the Livingston Schools.

    This unique arrangement of a “shared TV channel” has served the best interests of Livingston for over 15 years. LTV viewers should take note of which group is responsible for producing or airing the programs that they enjoy on LTV. It will also be helpful for viewers to know that community programming is available to them on Mondays and Wednesdays and school programs are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enjoy your Livingston Community Access Channel!