• Woods Tech 1

    Course Description:

    Wood Technology 1 is an introductory course that provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills and processes associated with various types of woodworking. Through hands-on projects that use woodworking tools and techniques, students develop competence with woodworking safety, project planning and layout, basic project construction, joinery, manufacturing production, and construction systems. Students plan and construct projects aligned with their interests and abilities.
    Who Typically Takes This Course?

    * Students who enjoyed their middle school Tech Ed. classes and want to know more about working with wood tools and machines.
    * Students who like to design and build things, especially out of wood.
    * Students who have an interest in carpentry, wood working, furniture design, architecture, interior design, and/or stage design.
    * Students who like to work at their own pace and on projects they select (with input from the teacher).
    Students Who Take This Course Frequently Take the Following Courses Concurrently or Next Year:
    Woods 2
    Stagecraft 1
    Stagecraft 2
    Interior Design
    What People Say About This Course:
    "A great class for student who like to work with their hands."
    "I learned how to use the tools and machines in class and was able to complete several projects throughout the year."
    "Woodworking is fun and interesting.  I will be able to use what I learned way beyond LHS."
    "Creating our production company and then building the wood arbors in the courtyard were the highlights of the class.  It will be there for many years to come."