summerSummer Assignments...
    The LHS Social Studies Department summer assignments are designed to prepare students for the high rigor and expectations of our Advanced Placement and Honors level courses. Through the completion of these assignments, students will be building a foundation of knowledge that will be utilized to enhance the opening units of study. Inattention to these assignments will therefore impede a student's success during the initial weeks of the course. Each assignment will also be assessed during the first days of school. For specific guidelines, rubrics and criteria, please refer to the individual links below for further details. Have fun!

    Schedule of Summer Assignment Distribution for 2023
    No special meetings will be held for any Social Studies courses this year. Please follow directions for acquiring all materials and resources needed for your summer assignment(s).
    *Students who are currently "wait-listed" are advised to review the summer assignment in anticipation of a possible placement in the course. 

    Summer Assignments for 2023

    9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Humanities Honors Classes

    There are no summer assignments from the Humanities Honors classes this summer. 


    Modern World History Honors (9th Grade)

    There is no summer assignment for Modern World History Honors

    AP Seminar(starting in 10th grade)

    Please use the document linked below to access the AP Seminar Summer Assignment for 2023

    AP Seminar Summer Assignment

    United States History I - Honors (10th Grade)

    Upon your return in September, you will have an opportunity to discuss the summer assignment with your teacher and classmates. At the conclusion of these introductory lessons, a graded multiple-choice quiz and an in-class writing assignment will be administered. It is critical that you carefully complete the assignment and bring all materials with you to class on the first day of school. 

    US I Honors Summer Assignment Instructions

    Foner Chapters 1 and 2- REQUIRED READING

    Additional Readings: Descriptions and Links Here

    United States History II Honors (11th Grade)
    There is no summer assignment for US History II Honors

    United States History II - Advanced Placement (11th Grade) 

    AP US History II Summer Assignment

    Any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Feeley- dfeeley@livingston.org, Mr. Cuneo- ecuneo@livingston.org, or Mr. Raphael- craphael@livingston.org
    Modern European History - Honors (12th Grade) 

    There is no summer assignment for Modern European History Honors 

    Modern European History - Advanced Placement (12th Grade)

    Human Geography - Advanced Placement  (10th, 11th and 12th Grade)

    Please access the AP Human Geography Summer Assignment by clicking HERE


    AP World History: Modern

    Please access the AP Modern World History Summer Assignment by clicking HERE


    American Government and Politics - Advanced Placement (11th and 12th Grade)

    There is no summer assignment for AP American Government and Politics 

    Comparative Government and Politics - Advanced Placement (11th and 12th Grade) 

    There is no summer assignment for comparative government and politics.

    AP African American Studies(11-12)
    Please access the AP African American Studies Summer Assignment by clicking HERE
    AP Psychology (12th grade)

    Please use the Google Link below to access to AP Psychology Summer Assignment for 2023

    AP Psychology Summer Assignment