AP - PHYSICS 1 (457)

AP - Physics 1
Completion of a summer assignment is required for this course. This course follows the curriculum set forth by the College Board and is equivalent to a first semester algebra-based Physics course.  Students will require a strong algebra background and knowledge of right triangle sine, cosine, and tangent ratios to be successful in this course.  Minimum grades of “B” or higher in either 8th grade Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors and Geometry Honors are good predictors for success in this course.  Topics include kinematics, Newton’s Laws of motion, torque, rotational motion and angular momentum, gravitation and circular motion, work, energy, power, linear momentum, oscillations, mechanical waves, sound, and an introduction to electric circuits.  There will be a focus on inquiry-based laboratory activities which challenge students to design and carry out experiments targeting certain learning objectives.  After the AP exam in May, an additional survey of the following topics would be conducted as time permits to help prepare students for coursework in AP Physics 2, AP Physics C: Mechanics, or AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism – light and optics, magnetism, thermal physics, fluids, and electrical fields.  Students intending to take any of these three advanced AP Physics courses must have first taken AP Physics 1.  It is expected that all students take the AP Physics1 exam in May.

Please note that students who choose or are forced to drop AP Physics 1 will be moved into CP Physics (unless the student chooses to drop Physics entirely).  It is important to note that AP Physics 1 and CP Physics do not follow the same scope and sequence.  CP Physics provides a survey of Physics concepts while AP Physics 1 focuses on fewer concepts but in more detail.  Students who drop into CP Physics will be required to complete an abbreviated make-up assignment in order to attain the necessary concepts students will need for success in future units.

PLEASE NOTE: Students taking Physics over the summer for advancement must declare which future Physics elective(s) they are interested in taking.  For students interested in either of the AP Physics 1 or AP Physics 2 electives, the CP Physics midterm and final exam would be given.  For students pursuing either of the AP Physics C options, the AP Physics 1 midterm and final exams would be given. Students interested in this option should obtain an AP Physics 1 prep book and use it to guide their study.