AP - PHYSICS 2 (458)

AP - Physics 2
Completion of a summer assignment may be required for this course. This course follows the curriculum set forth by the College Board and is equivalent to a second semester algebra-based Physics course.  Students must have taken AP Physics 1 as a prerequisite course.  Minimum grades of “B” or higher in AP Physics 1 and Algebra 2 Honors are good predictors for success in this course.  Topics include fluid statics and dynamics, thermodynamics, electrostatics, electrical circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetism, physical and geometric optics, and topics in modern physics.  There will be a focus on inquiry-based laboratory activities which challenge students to design and carry out experiments targeting certain learning objectives.  After the AP exam in May, students will utilize their conceptual and mathematical understanding to successfully complete engineering design challenges.  It is expected that all students take the AP Physics 2 exam in May.