FRENCH 5 CP (555)

French 5 CP (555)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of French 4.
5 Credits - Full Year - Grades 9-12

The goals of the fifth level of language and culture study are for students to be able to further develop proficiency in the interpersonal and presentational modes of communication at a pre-advanced level. Students research and present projects on topics of current interest to sharpen and build their communicative skills in the language areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Current topics of interest are researched and discussed through various media that include technology, websites, books, videos, and other authentic print and non-print materials. At the completion of a Level 5 course, the majority of students are expected to perform in the Intermediate-Mid to Intermediate-High range of language proficiency. Students enrolled in these courses are expected to communicate in the target language in class.